Saucony PowerGrid Cortana 2

Enjoy excellent fit in the Saucony PowerGrid Cortana 2. Feel the different with a new lighter mesh with minimum overlays and a lighter weight. With a lower heel to toe offset, 4mm, it provides a different running experience to other premium neutral trainer.

MSRP : US$145
Weight : 9.7 oz / 274 gm
Predecessor : PowerGrid Cortana
Product Cycle : RY.2012.DY.20XX.
Features : Style : 4mm Heel-Toe Differential : Upper : Airmesh, Sauc-Fit, Hydrator Collar, Comfortride Sockliner, HRC™ Strobel Board : Midsole : PowerGrid Midsole, SRC™ Impact Zone : Outsole : XT-900™, IBR™ Plus

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N: A "Neutral" high mileage daily trainer with maximum features which promote a more natural foot movement.

SauconyPowerGridCortana2.N.M SauconyPowerGridCortana2.N.W
SauconyPowerGridCortana.DC History : PowerGrid Series : Cortana 2('12). Cortana('11)

ZebraPlusGlossary SauconyPowerGridCortana2.N.G
4mm Heel-Toe Differential, Midsole : By reducing the heel to toe differential, it will encourage a more natural foot (Midfoot / Forefoot Strike) movement as compared to the traditional 12mm differential.

Airmesh : A lightweight with high breathability and support while providing un-restricted foot movement.

Comfortride Sockliner : Breathable, moisture wicking, anti-odor and anti-microbial Comfortride insole provides improved step-in comfort with rebound properties.

HRC™ Strobel Board : Full lenght board placed uder the foot which increases cushioning and step-in comfort : HRC : High Rebound Compound : A responsive EVA/rubber compound which provides cushioning through the later stages of the gait cycle : Strobel : The upper is attached to a thin material that is patterned on the shape or silhouette of the midsole. Traditional strobel lasts use a thin cloth material, while newer variations use a thin sheet of EVA for a more cushioned feel.

Hydrator Collar : Gives next to skin comfort and maxizes wicking and the Comfortride sockliner is antimicrobial and breathable.

IBR™ Plus, Forefoot : A Flexible lightweight material which has enhanced cushioning and durability properties then traditional blown rubber.

PowerGrid®, Midsole : Combining a innovative material, PowerFoam with industry acclaimed Grid technology to provide superior cushioning and responsiveness. Powergrid with Powerfoam combines the shock dissipating, responsive Powergrid with the new Powerfoam material to create a cushioned and a responsive ride : PowerFoam : An injected molded which is lighter and more responsive than SSL EVA.

Sauc-Fit™ : A unique fit system in the upper that not only locks the midfoot onto the platform but also keep the heel secure and comfortable.

SRC™ Impact Zone, Rearfoot : Super Rebound Compound : Mixture of rubber and polymers used to absorb impact and provide great cushioning.

XT-900™, Rearfoot : Carbon rubber provides durability in the heel and medial forefoot.

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Adidas adiPure Motion

Looking for a shoe that you help you to switch from heel strike to a more natural barefoot running style, look no further, the Adidas adiPure Motion might just be the perfect shoe for you. Built on a traditional platform with improved flexibility and a midsole which was designed to mimic natural foot movement of barefoot running, the adiPure Motion is a well cushioned shoe in a flexible light shoe for barefoot experience or a fast training shoe.

MSRP : US$110
Weight : 7.2 oz / 204 gm
Predecessor : Nil
Product Cycle : RY.2012.DY.20XX.
Features : Upper : Tech Fit, EVA Sockliner, Strobel Last : Midsole : PureMotion™ Midsole, adiprene™ Plus Forefoot : Outsole : adiWear™

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P: A "Perfromance" trainer for fast running or racing with minimum features.

AdidasAdiPureMotion.PN.M AdidasAdiPureMotion.PN.W
NewModel2012 History : adiPure Motion Series : Motion('12)
adiPrene® Plus, Forefoot : For a more efficient push-off. Elastic material under the forefoot. Retains natural forces at toe-off for greater forefoot efficiency and maximizes energy use.

adiWear® : Durable carbon rubber out-sole, utilized in the heel and medial forefoot for best durability in high wear areas.

EVA Sockliner : Made from industrial standard, EVA, designed for underfoot cushioning.

PureMotion™, Midsole : Constructed with industrial standard EVA to mimics the natural stability, efficiency and rapid reaction time of barefoot.

Strobel Last : Stitching the upper along the perimeter of a synthetic material which is then attached to the midsole.

Tech Fit : Lightweight synthetic breathable upper with second skin forefoot layer for a lightweight enhanced comfort.

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Brooks Ghost 5

One of the most versatile shoe in its class, the Brooks Ghost continue to innovate and excel its competitors. Combining a more flexible silky smooth ride, with a great impact absorption midsole and less resistive upper every journey feels like running on clouds! ( Updated Model : Brooks Ghost 6 )

MSRP : US$110
Weight : 10.7 oz / 301 gm
Predecessor : Ghost 4
Product Cycle : RY.2012.DY.2013 Jun.
Features : Upper : Element™ Mesh n Lining, Profile Sockliner, Strobel Last : Midsole : BioMoGo™, DNA™ Forefoot n Rearfoot, Caterpillar Cash Pad Rearfoot, DRB Acce™l, Tuned Forefoot Pod : Outsole : HPR™ Plus, Blown Rubber : Misc : Cush Pod Configuration™

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N: A daily high mileage "Neutral" trainer with moderate features.

BrooksGhost.5.N.M BrooksGhost.5.N.W
BrooksGhost.4.DCHistory : Ghost Series : Ghost 5('12), Ghost 4('10), Ghost 3('09), Ghost 2~1
ZebraPlusGlossary BrooksGhost.5.N.G
BioMoGo™, Midsole : Fully biodegradable midsole foam for footwear. Once a pair of Brooks shoes with BioMoGo has reached an enclosed landfill, it will begin to biodegrade. In roughly 20 years the midsoles will be completely converted by common soil microbes into useful humus and nutrients. That’s about 50 times faster than a standard midsole degradation : MoGo : Brooks claims, MoGo offers 40 percent more cushioning and gives a runner 22 percent more return of energy - the "spring" in one's step - than Brooks' former midsole. Substance 257. MoGo not only represents a giant leap forward in midsole material performance for Brooks, it also entails an evolved method of production. Compression Molded Preform (CMP) is an efficient, precise production process in which, rather than being cut out of large sheets of material in the traditional method, midsoles are cast in individual molds, resulting in 50% less waste. The CMP process also increases consistency by an incredible 200%. Less variability between midsoles ensures that runners can count on enjoying the same feel pair after pair.

Blown Rubber : Is lightweight and flexible. It provides added cushioning while maintaining durability and a smooth ride.

Caterpillar Cash Pad, Rearfoot : Segmented impact absportion pad crash pad that customizes to the runners lay down, which offers the right amount of cushioning and stability for a smooth transition from heel-to-toe.

Cush Pod Configuration : Midsole/Outsole a configurations system in the mid/out sole to enables the shoe to bend and flex. For optimizing foot position for an efficient heel to toe-off.

DRB Accel™ : Diagonal Roll Bar : To promote natural movement and provide torsional midfoot support.

DNA™, Rearfootn Forefoot : Provides a customized ride for runners of all sizes and speeds, dispersing impact and providing ideal comfort and protection as the pace changes.

Element™ Lining : Place along the underside of the shoe's upper to aid in moisture transfer and comfort.

Element™ Mesh : A microfiber construction that provides strong protection against the elements in a light and quiet fabric. Element™ maintains full breathability and durable comfort.

HPR™ Plus : High Performance Rubber Plus : A much durable form of HPR to provides greater resistance to high wear areas of the outsole.

Profile Sockliner : Placed underfoot and is made of BioMoGo for cushioning and forms a contoured support sensation.

Strobel Last : The upper is attached to a thin material that is patterned on the shape or silhouette of the midsole. Traditional strobel lasts use a thin cloth material, while newer variations use a thin sheet of EVA for a more cushioned feel.

Tuned Forefoot Pod : A combination of Omega and Omni grooves in the forefoot rubber to provide a more compliant forefoot ride and effortless transition Exceptionally comfortable fit.

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