Asics Gel 1170

Introduction the latest incarnation of the Asics Gel 1000 Series, the Asics Gel 1170. Re-engineered with an enhanced upper for a more secure fit and comfort while retaining all the goodness found from its previous models, the Gel 1170 will keep your run fluid and well protected from impact related injuries and great comfort for your long journey.

MSRP : US$90
Weight : 10.7 oz / 303 gm
Predecessor : Gel 1160
Product Cycle : RY.2012.DY.20XX.
Features : Style : Gender Specific : Upper : Open Mesh, Standard Sockliner, Strobel Last : Midsole : SpEVA™ Midsole, Gel™, DuoMax™, Trusstic System™ : Outsole : AHAR™, DuraSponge™

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S: A daily high mileage "Moderate Supportive" trainer with moderate features.

AsicsGel1160.DCHistory : Gel 1000 Series : 1170('12), 1160('11), 1150('10), 1140('09), 1130('08), 1120~1000

AHAR™, Rearfoot : A thinner and lighter version of Asics High Abrasion Resistance rubber. It is placed on the impact area of the outsole to reduce excessive wear.

DuoMax®, Medial Post : Ensures that the shoe maintains proper support for the foot during the critical transition from heel strike to toe-off.

DuraSponge®, Forefoot : A new blown rubber compound for enhanced durability and cushioning in the forefoot.

Gel®, Forefoot n Rearfoot : Provides maximum rearfoot and forefoot shock attenuation.

SpEva™ Midsole : Full length midsole material and is Asics' mid-level midsole. Although SpEVA is not as durable and lightweight as Solyte, it has increased energy return compared to that of compression molded EVA.

Trusstic System™ : Located at the bottom of the midsole and is made from thermal plastic. It reduces the weight of the sole while decreasing torsion between the rearfoot and forefoot.

Open Mesh : An ultra lightweight shoe upper with overlays which provides excellent support and ventilation.

Standard Sockliner : Removable full-length insert of industry standard, EVA, cushioning material to provides additional comfort.

Strobel Last : The upper is attached to a thin material that is patterned on the shape or silhouette of the midsole. Traditional strobel lasts use a thin cloth material, while newer variations use a thin sheet of EVA for a more cushioned feel.

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 8

More similar to the Wave Inspire Series, 6th edition, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 with the new additional of flex controllers in the forefoot to deliver a smooth efficient toe-off. The Prime focus update packages are minor and focused primarily on providing the runner with a much secure and comfort fit while retaining features that runners have to expect out of the wave Inspire Series such as the ride and cushioning truly to its heritage. (Updated Model : Mizuno Wave Inspire 9)

MSRP : US$115
Weight : 10.8 oz / 306 gm
Predecessor : Wave Inspire 7
Product Cycle : RY.2012.DY.2012 Nov.
Features : Style : Gender Specific : Upper : Airmesh™, Dynamotion Fit™, OrthoLite Sockliner : Midsole : AP+™ Midsole, VS-1™, Extended Wave™ Plate, Flex Controller : Outsole : X10™, Blown Rubber : Misc : SmoothRide™, InterCool™

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S: A daily high mileage "Moderate Supportive" trainer with moderate features.

MizunoWaveInspire7.DCHistory : Wave Inspire Series : Inspire 8('12), Inspire 7('11), Inspire 6('10), Inspire 5('09), Inspire 4('08), Inspire 3~1

AP+™, Midsole : Is Mizuno's top of the line full length mid-sole copolymer material that is lighter weight and has better energy return than AP.

Airmesh™ : Provides the utmost in breathability with strategically placed overlays for comfort and support.

Blown Rubber, Forefoot : Is lightweight and flexible. It provides added cushioning while maintaining durability and a smooth ride.

Extended Wave® Plate : Mizuno Wave An elastic thermal plastic material shaped in a Composite double fan wave pattern, design for vertical deformation during heel strike to absorb impact while reducing pronation : Wave Plate : Cushioning and Stability. The only technology that combines two distinctly different elements that are both inherently necessary in great athletic shoes.

Dynamotion Fit™ : Design technology that relieves the stress the foot naturally places on footwear, eliminating distortion for the perfect fit.

Flex Controller, Forefoot : Provides a smoother and softer initial contact impact.

Intercool™ : Solves the problem of heat and humidity build-up in a running shoe by incorporating a full-length ventilation system.

OrthoLite Sockliner : An anti-microbial moisture wicking sockliner that promotes a healthy environment for feet and in-fit comfort.

SmoothRide™ : Designed to minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot through the phases of the running gait cycle. This reduces shock vibration and increases flexibility.

Strobel Last : The upper is attached to a thin material that is patterned on the shape or silhouette of the midsole. Traditional strobel lasts use a thin cloth material, while newer variations use a thin sheet of EVA for a more cushioned feel.

VS-1™, Rearfoot : Absorbs shock and enhances cushioning properties by resisting compression-set, thus extending the cushioning life of the shoe.

X-10™, Rearfoot : Provides the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike.

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Nike Zoom Structure 15

Hit the road with the Nike Zoom Structure 15. Designed based on a universal fit, the Zoom Structure 15 will fit a wide range of feet, together with its distinctive cushiony and supportive designed carried over from its predecessor, it will provide runners a smooth and non-distractive run with long lasting comfort and protection.

MSRP : US$100
Weight : 11.4 oz / 323 gm
Predecessor : Zoom Structure 14
Product Cycle : RY.2012.DY.20XX.
Features : Style : Gender Specific, Nike® + : Upper : Open Mesh, Flywire™, Notched Innersleeve, Orthlite Sockliner : Midsole : Phylon™ Midsole, Zoom Air™, Cuboid Pod™, Arch Bridge, Cush Pad : Outsole : BRS 1000™, Duralon™, Waffle Outsole

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S: A daily high mileage "Moderate Supportive" shoe with moderate features.


NikeZoomStructure14.DCHistory : Zoom Structure Series : Structure 15('12), Structure 14('11), Structure 13('10), Structure 12('09), Structure 11('08), Structure 10~1

Arch Bridge : A gender-specific mid-foot component helps smooth the transition through propulsion.

BRS 1000™, Rearfoot : A highly durable carbon rubber we invented for use in out-soles. BRS stands for Blue Ribbon Sports, which was our name before we came up with Nike. The tie-in? Both BRS and Nike last ... and last...

Cuboid Pod™ : An extra foam pod placed in the lateral side of the sole units, helps guiding the foot during the gait.

Cush Pad : Located at the bottom lateral heel. A gender-specific highly decoupled unit which reduces shock at impact and reduces the degree and rate of pronation.

Phylon™, Midsole : Originally used in dolls, it is a heated and compressed EVA foam cushioning compound that is light, resilient and capable of giving a soft, smooth ride. As a bonus, it is non-yellowing and impervious to attack from water and microbial. What kind of dolls were they? cushioning.

Duralon™, Forefoot : Delivers additional cushioning to the forefoot, which then enables a smooth toe-off. It is very soft, so it might not be as durable as other out-sole materials depending on the surface on which the shoes are worn. It is typically found in the forefoot area of a running shoe, so the durability doesn't affect the overall life of the shoe itself.

Flywire™ : Is a thread, composed of Vectran, and developed by Nike, used in the upper of a shoe. The goal of Flywire is to minimize weight and maximize support.

Nike® + : A pocket under the sockliner for secure placement of Nike+ sensor. Connected to Nike Sportband or Apple iPod Series for on screen display of : Information on time, distance, calories burned and pace; real-time audible feedback also is provided through headphones.

Notched Innersleeve : Inner lining construction that has been designed to enhance comfort and fit.

Open Mesh : With synthetic overlays to provide lightweight, supportive and breathable upper.

Orthlie Sockliner : Insert with Fitsole geometry sits underfoot and provides additional cushioning and comfort.

Segmented Medial Post : Located in the midfoot area of the medial side, made of a denser two-piece foam unit to reduces excess pronation.

Zoom Air™, Forefoot n Rearfoot : Two layers of nylon fabric, joined by densely packed fibers, are sealed inside polyurethane. The unit is inflated; pushing apart the fabric and creating tension on the fibers. What does that mean? Zoom Air works by using stress of the shoe's wearer, absorbing it, and refracting the same stress which helps the Zoom insert retain its shape and buoyancy, allowing for quick responsiveness in performance venues, the result is a low-to-the-ground, hyper-responsive speed cushioning you can feel. And it does it in less space than other Air-Sole units.

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