Asics Gel DS Trainer XI

Designed especially for the elite or performance orientated runner who seeks the ultimate in lightweight shoes for faster paced training. They incorporate special weight reducing technical features such as DuoSole,the Trusstic system and minimal reinforcement materials for lightweight support and greater flexibility.

MSRP : US$100
Weight : 8.9 oz / 252 gm
Features : Gel®, DuoMax®, Trusstic System™, I.G.S.®, SpEVA®, AHAR+, PHF™, Biomorphic Fit™

Recommended for runners looking for a high end lightweight shoe with a touch of stability.

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Asics Gel Kinsei

The much anticipated new shoes from Asics : Gel Kinsei (キンセイ - Golden Star) will be on sale from Jan 2006. This shoe is belived to be listed as a stable neutral shoe as there isn't any pronation controlling feature in the shoe other than a slight difference in the density of the medial gel columns as to the lateral gel columns.

With the Kinsei, Asics is using a brand new material know as "Solyte", which acoording to Asics is a much lighter midsole material then their current EVAs.

The visually stunning Discrete Heel Unit takes the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®) to another level by creating our highest degree of shock attenuation and stability. The Discrete Heel Unit has an infinite ability to adapt because there are many different parts interrelating, but with the ability to work independently. The cushioning and stability parameters of the shoe are provided by separate and very interactive rearfoot GEL columns.

The upper of the new GEL-Kinsei defines the soul of the shoe: fast, edgy, and technical. The highlight of the upper is a newly developed, Japanese mesh called Spacemaster-UV1 . Conceived by observing the unique properties of marine coral, Spacemaster-UV is very breathable, remarkably strong, and is about 30% lighter than regular polyester mesh. The materials used in Spacemaster-UV provide much better UV shielding by not only absorbing but also reflecting the sun’s heat rays.

MSRP : US$165
Weight : 13.0 oz / 368 gm
Features : Gel®, Space Trusstic System™, Spacemaster-UV, I.G.S.®, , AHAR+, PHF™, Solyte™, Biomorphic Fit™

Recommended for runners with normal to high arches looking for a highly-cushioned shoe with top-end features.

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Mizuno Wave Rider 9

Smooth Transition from Heel to Toe. Favorites of the high-mileage runner seeking a true cushioned trainer who has a small to medium frame with medium to high arches. SmoothRide extended wave plate for a super smooth rideLateral flex grooves in heel give you great flexibility VS-1 in heel provides cushion mile after mileNew collar lining is super comfortable. New extended Composite Parallel Wave technology provides maximum cushioning and shock absorption.

MSRP : US$90
Weight : 12.7 oz / 360 gm
Features : VS-1™, Intercool™, X-10™, Wave Technology®, AIRmesh™, SmoothRide™, AP Midsole™

Recommended for small to medium frame runners with medium to high arches looking for a shoe with excellent ride.

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Asics Gel Kayano XII

Gender-specific Running Shoes : Space Trusstic System and components in the midsole are different for both man's and woman's to accommodate the differences in anatomy and function.

GEL-Kayano XII continues to deliver the very best Asics innovative technology, delivering the ultimate blend of cushioning and support. The GEL-Kayano XII is one of three shoes from ASICS that will feature the all-new Solyte™ midsole material. Solyte is not EVA, but a new material that is significantly lighter than ASICS standard EVA and SpEVA, yet, provides improved cushioning and durability. Hidden, or not so hidden, in the new Solyte midsole is a newly designed forefoot Twist GEL® Cushioning System. This “Twist” GEL is under the ball of the foot with two irregularly shaped struts that extend laterally, and are visible through the midsole. Lastly, under the midfoot, there is a re-designed Space Trusstic™ System with new ‘V’ trusses. These ‘V’ trusses provide greater torsional support without comprising the deformation and pliability of the arch area, giving the wearer enhanced support along with a more comfortable ride.

MSRP : US$135
Weight : 12.6 oz / 357 gm
Features : Gel®, Space Trusstic System™, I.G.S.®, DuoMax®, AHAR+, PHF™, Biomorphic Fit™, Solyte™

Recommended for runners with normal to low arches looking for a supportive high-end stability and highly cushioned shoe.

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Saucony Grid Triumph 3

The Grid Triumph 3 running shoe is developed for neutral runners looking for cushioning from the heel strike to toe off. Medial Arch-lock enhances the upper fit. Premium sockliner improves step in comfort and icushioning. Impulse EVA midsole with Grid™ cushioning system provides increased responsiveness and durability. HRC™ Strobel Board increases cushioning and comfort. E.A.S.™ System cushions and isolates heel impact. SRC™ XTRA cushioning system adds smooth toe off.

MSRP : US$115
Weight : 12.9 oz / 366 gm
Features : Impulse EVA, Grid™, E.A.S.™, SRC™ XTRA

Recommended for bigger runners with normal to high arches looking for a well-cushioned shoe.

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Asics Gel 2110

Gender-specific Running Shoes : Space Trusstic System and components in the midsole are different for both man's and woman's to accommodate the differences in anatomy and function.

Asics GT 2110 is here! - Owner's of GT-2100 will notice little difference in fit and feel between the 2110 and its predecessor. the only added upgrade, is the addition of the Space Trusstic midfoot support device, previously featured on the high-end Gel Kayano and Gel Empire. The GT-2110 will continue to provide the cushioning, support, and overall comfort that fans of the series have come to expect, also featuring the Asics IGS design philosophy and gel cushioning in the heel and forefoot.

MSRP : US$90
Weight : 12.5 oz / 354 gm
Features : Gel®, DuoMax®, Space Trusstic System™, I.G.S.®, SpEVA®, AHAR+, PHF™

Recommended for runners with Low to normal arches looking for a supportive shoe with high-end stability features.

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Asics Gel 1110

Step up your pace in the GEL-1110™ running shoe from ASICS®. Impact Guidance System expertly directs the natural movements of your foot for an enhanced stride. Absorb impact from heel to toe with the GEL® cushioning system. SpEVA® in the forefoot provides perfect toe-off cushioning. Open mesh upper allows air circulate for ideal comfort through personal athletic progress.

MSRP : US$75
Weight : 12.6 oz / 357 gm
Features : Gel®, DuoMax®, Trusstic System™, SpEVA® 55 Last, SpEVA®, AHAR+

Recommended for runners with normal to high arches who need a small amount of stability.

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Nike Air Cesium

The NEW Nike Air Cesium is a revolutionary new shoe that features unique technologies which challenge the conventional, bulky and rigid motion control construction that many are used to. A 3 degree varus wedge is found inside the shoe acting as an anti-pronation device, replacing the rigid, dual density posting and acting as an internal orthotic. The Cesium features an integrated stabilization system in the surface material of the heel as well as the midfoot.

MSRP : US$120
Weight : 11 oz / 312 gm
Features : Air-Sole®, BRS 1000™, Duralon™, Waffle Fill™

Recommended for runner looking for built in orthotic and light weight serious motion control shoe

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New Balance 992

Introducing the newest version of a lengend : 992.
built for the mild to moderate, the new update is ligther ,more cushioned and streamlined.The most notable change is the plastic cradle on the back of the shoe and a added stability abzorb insole with the arch part much further up. Featuring ABZORB EX cushioning and ENCAP built for the mild to moderate overpronator who requires a combination of cushioning and stability.

Recommended : High-mileage runner seeking stability and maximum cushion.

Weight : 12 oz / 378 gm
Features : ABZORB®, ENCAP®, C-CAP®

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Brooks Adrenaline ASR 2

For those who will run in any weather, on any surface, the new Adrenaline ASR
offers a more aggressive outsole than its pavement oriented cousin.
And with the new Wanganui upper bringing the ideal combination of water
repellency and moisture transfer, there's no limit to where your run
will take you.

Features : HydroFlow®, S-257™, PDRB™, DRB Accel™, Pod Tech™, HPR™, Wanganui™

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Mizuno Wave Ascend

This new trail shoe utilises a successful combination of cushioning and stability within it's midsole. The fan shaped Wave contained within the Ascend is constructed with rubber on the lateral side for point of impact cushioning and fans into a stronger pebax on it's medial side for stability. The reinforced upper, including a gusseted tongue and the X10 enhanced aggressive outsole complete this trail machine capable of overcoming any terrain.

Weight : 345 gm
Features : VS-1™, X-10™, Wave Technology®

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New Balance 835

A highly responsive light training shoe designed for the efficient runner who seeks a dynamic cushioned ride. The shoe features an ACTEVA® midsole with additional ABZORB® cushioning in the heel and forefoot.

Features : Abzorb®, Stability Web®, N-Lock, N-durance®

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Mizuno Wave Aero 4

X-Wave configuration that creates a unique heel strike and smooth translaition. The X-Wave is made of pebax to evenly disribute shock and cushion the foot throught the gait cycle. The X-Wave creates the best cushioning available in a marathon distance running shoe.

Features : AP Midsole™, X-10™, Wave Technology®

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Adidas AdiStar Adapt

Think precision. A light, low to the ground trail shoe with Ground Control System™, a 2nd density midsole and TRAXION™ outsole to help you pick your way through the roughest terrain. Inlay: Molded EVA insole for anatomical comfort. Midsole: adiPRENE®+ insert for forefoot propulsion and efficiency. TRAXION plate for added forefoot protection. Ground Control System for motion control and ground adaptability. Outsole: TRAXION outsole for maximum grip in all directions.

Features : Traxion™, adiPRENE®+, GCS™

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Puma Complete Trailfox

The Complete Trailfox – a statement product for the competitive trail runner and outdoor athlete. Minimum weight, a low profile and deep flex grooves provide perfect contact to the ground. Protection and support benefits combined with superior comfort through innovative softshell material complement this new off road racer.

Features : KMS 100 CM-EVA™, IdCELL®, ArchTech™, EverGrip™

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Asics Gel Trabuco VIII

The Asics Gel Trabuco VIII WR is an innovative trail shoe engineered to exceed the demands of the on and off road runner combining traction, support and cushioning. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who demand a rugged yet comfortable shoe for a wide range of outdoor activities, on what is often very difficult terrain. Now improved with a Water Resistant (Walotex) lining.

Features : Extended DuoMax®, PHF®, NC Rubber™, WET GRIP ®, GEL®

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Mizuno Wave Nirvana 2

Equipped with a composite double fan shaped wave that provides support from initial impact through to toe-off using a full length pebax wave in a fan shaped configuration on the medial side, it created fo the runner with medium, flexible arches. A compositte paraell wave configuration in the forefoot provides additional shock absorption and disersion. Initial impact cushioning and transition through the gait cycle are enhanced by the inclusion of a full lenght rubber wave on the lateral side.

Features : VS-1™, Intercool™, Sensorpoint™, X-10™, Wave Technology®

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Reebok Premier Cushioning DMX III

The Reebok Premier Cushioning DMX III running shoe has an open weave mesh upper with Play Dry lining that offers breathability, support and moisture management. 3M Scotchlite material adds night running safety. Removable EVA sockliner accommodates orthotics. CMEVA midsole with Transition Bridge provides stability and cushioning. DMX foam for cushioning. Blown rubber lateral forefoot delivers cushioning, traction and durability. Forefoot flex grooves give flexibility.

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Asics Gel Landreth II

Updated for '05, the GEL-LandrethT II is perfect for the neutral runner seeking a lightweight, responsive, durable shoe with minimalist packaging. I.G.S.® (Impact Guidance System) and SpEVA® midsole with overall Gel® Cushioning Systems for durable shock attenuation and a smooth heel-to-toe transition. This version II now includes the "touch" Gel® Cushioning System in the rearfoot and "twist" GEL in the forefoot for greater shock attenuation. Outsole is durable AHAR carbon rubber in back, softer blown carbon rubber up front. The upper is lightweight mesh with PHF™ (Personalized Heel Fit).

Features : "Touch" and "Twist" Gel®, I.G.S.®, SpEVA®, AHAR+, PHF™

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Pearl Izumi Syncro Guide

This is the first shoe from the syncro line of Peral Izumi for the bigger runner who needs anything from significant to moderate pronation help and does not want to sacrifice cushioning.

The Guide provides great stability for the over-pronator who wants a smooth, fast, efficient, and stable ride. Stable and supportive, the Guide delivers comfort and unsurpassed cushioning in a motion control shoe. It is also great for lighter, efficient runners that need pronation control and don't want to feel beat up after 15-20 miles.

Features : SkyDex, SyncroFrame, SyncroGuide

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6

The most versatile running shoe on the planet is back and just got better. If you own the GTS 5, you can expect the same fantastic fit with a soft, smooth ride and 5% less weight.The Adrenaline GTS 6 featurs progressive posting for ultra-smooth transitions through the gait cycle. Microfiber upper with Element™ Air mesh and linings. Full-length S-257™ midsole with heel and forefoot HydroFlow® cushioning. Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB™), dual density DRB™ Accel, S-257™ Cushsole, engineered Stable-Pod configuration. HPR™ sponge rubber outsole.

Features : HydroFlow®, Element™, S-257™, PDRB™, DRB™ Accel, Pod Tech, HPR™

Runner's World "Best Update" for September 2005

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Peral Izumi Synchro Float

The running shoe for the neutral runner who wants a smooth, fast, efficient and stable ride. Virtually seamless upper provides superior comfort by removing all points of irritation. 360º of reflectivity. Visible Endo-skeletal Support System™ holds the foot securely by tunneling the support system through the mesh. Synchro C Frame cushions and guides the foot through the footstrike motion efficiently. Skydex™ heel pod provides durable, mechanical cushioning in high-impact zones. Deep rearfoot outsole/midsole channel creates isolated heel strike zone to slow and control rate of pronation. High rebound EVA in forefoot. Forefoot flex grooves are positioned to optimize flexibility, cushioning and efficient toe-off. Pi carbon rubber outsole with medial rubber perimeter provides late stage pronation control.

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Spira Del Sol

Introducing Spira's newest and lightest running model, Del Sol. This trainer is ideal for neutral, faster runners who seek a lightweight and flexible performance shoe. A newly designed lightweight WaveSpring™ is located in the heel to reduce stress and fatigue while providing energy return. The upper is made of a soft, breathable mesh with no trim overlays for a cool and comfortable ride. Spira's unique forefoot quad flex columns provide superior cushioning and flexibility. Del Sol offers a two piece high abrasion rubber outsole for durability.

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Nike Air Perseus 2

The Air Pereus 2005 his a lightweight, supportive sneaker, featuring a breathable mesh upper that provides a solid fit while promoting airflow to keep feet cool and comfortable. A snug midfoot saddle holds foot in place while a full-length Air-sole unit provides maximum impact protection. Flex grooves and a waffle-fill outsole provide traction and a comfortable ride.

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Mizuno Wave Precision 6

Features rubber Wave construction and VS-1 forefoot insert for full length lightweight cushioning. Deep flex grooves and a blown rubber forefoot gives a true performance ride. The AIRmesh upper with synthetic reinforcements are snug, light and breathable. For a competitive runner.

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New Balance 691

Built for the recreational to serious runner, New Balance 691, Designed with innovative Abzorb® cushioning system in the heel, providing a smooth and well-cushioned ride with cosmetic appeal. It features a C-Cap® midsole which provides cushioning and flexibility, while the N-Durance® outsole delivers maximum durability in high-wear areas. Reflective material allows others to see you in low light situations.

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Adidas Adistar Cushion

If you're looking for a neutral running shoe with good support and cushioning, this is it. The open-mesh nylon upper offers breathability and quick drying. GeoFit™ construction adds anatomical fit and comfort. Full forefoot adiPRENE®+ helps maintain forefoot propulsion and efficiency. adiPRENE® provides protection from harmful impact forces. 3-D Torsion® System for best midfoot integrity. Forefoot blown rubber combines light weight with grip. QuickStrike delivers lightweight durability. Decoupled heel helps deflect shock.

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Avia Avi Lite

Technology to set your sole free in the A2230 Avi-Lite running shoe from Avia. Advanced Cantilever® System absorbs shock and rebounds for explosive energy return. Stay in-line with an anatomical cradle delivering strategic motion control. Dura-Ryd™ heel further dampens shock to keep your mind on the run.

Features : Removable antibacterial insole, Rubber outsole, Lowlight reflectivity, Synthetic and mesh upper, EVA midsole, Cantilever®, Dura-Ryd®, Dura-Stryk™

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